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How to Maintain the Garage Door Neat and Beautiful

11/22/2013 Back To Blog

All real estate agents in Oregon have realized that most people take into serious consideration the condition of garage doors before renting or buying a property. People simply know that well-maintained and durable mechanisms will release them from the burden of constant services and expenses. At the same time, their huge surface cannot be hided; it is actually the first thing visitors see when they come at your place and, therefore, the aesthetics of garage doors would create good or bad impressions.

Complete the maintenance services

If the bottom seal is damaged, no matter how often you would clean the garage, it will still be dirty because elements and dirt will find their way underneath the door. Technical services may make a mess and that's why it would be wise to finish off with the necessary garage door repairs before you start cleaning the door.

Fight the moisture and mold signs

If your garage is a mess, then many objects may have been destroyed by moisture and spread mold to adjacent object as well. Don't pity the thirty years old dishes, which are half broken and bought once in a flea market. The things you decide to keep should be well organized and placed on shelves and bookcases; there is no point to keep them if you can't find them.

Clean well the mechanical parts

Most parts of the mechanism are mechanical and not only do they need good cleaning, but they basically require good lubrication maintenance. Of course, you will need to get good quality lubricants, which can be bought by any reliable garage door repair in Lake Oswego and make sure they are oiled properly and the floor is properly cleaned afterwards to avoid slipping.

Don't be afraid of water

Regardless of the material of the door, you should not use strong detergents that could destroy them, especially if it's natural wood. It is obvious that glass doors would need more frequent and careful cleaning. In any case, you can use the hose from the yard to pour plenty of water on both sides of the door, but you must be careful to avoid the electrical parts. The dirt can be easily removed with a sponge and plain soap and you will have a spotless door and garage.

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